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Well-being parenthesis of your stay: the aquatic centre “Forme d’O” is an invitation to relaxation.
Situated in the heart of the village, with an extraordinary surrounding mountains view, you will enjoy being relaxed, pampered and having fun in family!

The center offers to you 3 different areas:

  • an indoor and outdoor aquatic area 
  • a spa
  • a fitness room

The aquatic area offers to you:

  • A 200m² outdoor sport pool heated at 32°C.
  • mineral and botanical beaches
  • a 287m² indoor sport and playful pool, with 2 lines of water and a well-being/playground area.

The spa offers to you:

  • a well-being pool with cascades, bubbling seats
  • 2 traditional hammams with starry sky
  • 4 saunas
  • 4 treatments rooms
  • a relaxation room

The fitness room offers to you:

cardio training room with running cardio machine, elliptical bikes, rowing machine…
  • Sauna Forme d'O Châtel

Get 15% discount on your weekly pass!

 PRICES WINTER 2020/2021
CLASSIC (from 3 to 16 years old)
Unlimited access
to the aquatic space
32,00 €
LIBERTE (17 years old and +)
Unlimited access to aquatic,
wellness and cardio spaces
85,00 €
ALL INCLUSIVE (17 years old and +)
Access to all spaces
and all activities
94,00 €
DAYLY TICKET LIBERTE ADULT (17 years old and +)
Access ti all spaces
ans all activities
24,00 €
Please note: These discounts are only valid if the weekly and daily tickets are purchased and paid before your arrival in Châtel. We won't deliver any tickets at these prices on site.