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Relaxing Escape


6 Good reasons to relax!

1 Weekly access to Forme d'O:

Acces to the Océane spa, the aquatic area and to aquatic activities (aquafitness, aquabiking, ...).

1 Scrub (30min) to choose from:

- "Douceur Marine": exfoliating treatment performed with the new creamy scrub cream, rich in algae and exfoliating plant particles. This is the ideal treatment to give your face a lift. Dedicated to sensitive and/or dry skin.
- "Sucré Salé Marin": invigorating exfoliating treatment with a mixture of salt and sugar crystals combined with soothing sea oil. This treatment is dedicated to combination and oily skin.

2 Wave of relaxation massages (45min):

This deeply relaxing head to toe massage is inspired by Californian massage techniques and combines long, flowing strokes and relaxing movements to ensure well-being and absolute relaxation.

1 Algo-intense Algotherm Facial treatment (55min) to choose from:

- "Expertise Youth - Algotime Expert": deep firming treatment specially designed for skin lacking vitality. The novel lifting massage makes this beauty treatment a special moment leaving skin lifted and bright.
- "Perfect Complexion Revolution": for dull skin with pigmentation, this treatment restores vitality to the skin and radiance to the complexion. The blemishes fade and skin tone becomes more even.
- "Oxigenating Detoxifier": created for dull, oxygen starved skin, this treatment offers a detoxifying massage with anti-pollution algae and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. the complexion breathes again and regains its glow.
- "Soothing Anti-Redness": aimed at sensitive, damaged or rough skin, this treatment will calm and ease symptoms. the caressing mask will sooth away tautness and the skin brethes again. Redness will disappear in favor of soothed, nourished and comfortable skin.

1 plantar reflexology massage:

Ideal treatment to eliminate stress, practiced on the reflex zones of the feet, representing the organs and the different body parts. It allows you to reposition the energetic flow, to balance and energize the body by reinforcing its natural resources.

  • SHOR01 :
    • 5 treatments on 7 days
    • Access to Forme d'O
    • Access to Aquafit/Aquabike sessions (see schedule)
  • To note :
    • Included : access to the pool area, Océane area, cardio fitness room
    • Spa Océane, 188 chemin de l'Etringa