Where to stay Chatel: Apartment rental, chalet, holiday home

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A wide range of quality accommodation for your holiday in Chatel!

Discover all accommodation offers in Chatel for your mountain holiday with Chatel Reservation, during summer or winter season: apartment rental, chalet rental in Châtel, hotel booking or residence with spa. Enjoy the Portes du Soleil ski and bike area, take advantage of our facilities and find your ideal holiday rental in the Abondance Valley.

Stay in a apartment within a chalet in Châtel:

Châtel Réservation offers you mountain apartment rentals, in both summer and winter, so that you can recharge your batteries in the heart of the Abondance Valley. Take a look at all of our holiday rental apartments located in charming chalets in our mountain resort.

Stay in a luxury chalet at our resort in Haute-Savoie:

Looking for absolute comfort in a large mountain chalet? We have a large selection of fully-equipped apartments within luxury chalets with pool, sauna or outdoor jacuzzi,  Book now and spend great family moments enjoying a raclette or berthoud, local Savoyard dishes, after a wonderful day hiking in the mountains.

A ski holiday in a character chalet:

During the winter holidays, spend a week away from it all in Châtel, a family ski resort in the Portes du Soleil ski area. Choose a rental property to suit the entire family from our wide selection of traditional snow-covered chalets. View and easily compare our various apartments using our property descriptions (photos included). You can then add on numerous services and activities so that your holiday begins stress-free on the day of your arrival.

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Whether you're looking for a place to stay in the heart of the village, on the sunny upper side of the resort in Petit-Châtel or close to the slopes in Linga, we have the perfect apartment for you. It has never been easier to organise a holiday in a mountain chalet thanks to our packages that include the lift pass in winter and mountain and MTB and Multi Passes in summer.