Covid-19: Cancellation and safety conditions

Special notice Covid-19. Chatel Reservation adapts the cancellation terms of your stay.
Châtel, la meilleure destination de vos prochaines vacances à la montagne


BOOK your holiday and CANCEL FREE OF CHARGE for any governmental restriction to travel related to Covid-19*

  • Containment
  • Travel restrictions
  • Quarantine imposed in your town or country

These measures are governmental decisions. They have to be in effect at the moment of your stay.
The client must cancel his booking with Chatel Reservation within 48 hours after the government announcement.
For bookings cancelled beyond this 48 hour period, the general cancellation conditions will apply.
* Refund of the entire amount of your booking except 40 € of administrative fee.

Chatel Reservation offers you an insurance covering cancellation in case of contamination to the Covid-19. We recommend that you purchase this insurance.


Your well-being and safety are essential to us. We are taking the necessary actions to ensure you have the best conditions for your stay in Châtel and can make the most of your holiday!!!

When you arrive at our premises:

  • Observance of preventive measures and social distancing recommendations
  • Compulsory wearing of face mask
  • Limited number of people on the premises
  • Installation of Plexiglas guards
  • Provision of hand sanitizer
  • Disinfection of payment terminals
  • All customers will be informed of the health and safety recommendations on arrival

During the cleaning/disinfection of apartments, on arrival, departure and during inventories:

Our service providers are implementing strict and specific measures relating to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Observance of protective measures and social distancing recommendations (wearing of personal protective equipment, hand washing...)
  • Inventories
    • Where possible, carried out independently with feedback provided by text message within 48 hours.
    • Only one person present in the property, those present must wear face masks and have washed their hands,
  • For rental properties, in between two customers:
    • A minimum interval of 6 hours between departures and arrivals (departure no later than 9 a.m. and arrival no earlier than 5 p.m.).
    • Airing of all rooms for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
    • Wearing of personal protective equipment while carrying out the cleaning
    • Cleaning and disinfection of touch points with particular attention to surfaces made of plastic and steel; work surfaces, tables, chairs, light switches, door handles, WC, remote controls, switches on electrical appliances, doorbells, door keypads, stair handrails
    • When bed linen or bath linen is provided, washed at 60 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes.
    • Use of disinfectant smoke or other methods.

At hotels

Chatel's hotels have revised their hygiene and disinfection measures and put new health and safety protocols into place: Observance of preventive measures, social distancing, face masks, limiting the number of people in communal areas, provision of hand sanitiser, etc. Every effort is being made to offer you optimum health and safety conditions.