Rentals by area in Châtel

Châtel Reservation offers you apartment rentals in Châtel village centre, apartment rentals in Etringa area, apartment rentals in Petit-Châtel area, apartment rentals in Boude area, apartment rentals in Roitet area, apartment rentals Grandes Mouilles area, apartment rentals Béchigne area, apartment rentals Freinets area, apartment rentals Linga area, apartment rentals Pré-la-Joux area, rentals in all areas of Châtel, ski resort in the Portes du Soleil.

Châtel Réservation helps you choose the perfect area of Châtel for your skiing holiday!

In need of some advice on where to stay in Châtel? Please get in touch with our team of advisers who are on hand to help you find the most suitable property for you! Wherever you choose to stay in Châtel, there are free bus shuttles to take you to the ski slopes and other areas of the resort. You can also book your skiing lessons through Châtel Réservation, just ask! We know how to find the ski school and meeting points closest to your holiday rental. If you stay in the centre or the areas of Etringa, Linga or Pré-la-Joux, you’ll have no problem getting to your ski or snowboarding lessons on time.

Are you looking for a holiday of après-ski evenings and partying with friends?  Choose the village centre!

For a party holiday close to the shops, restaurants, bars, bowling alley, nightclub, opt for an apartment or detached chalet in the village centre or in Etringa. These 2 areas are the closest to all that’s going on in the village.  You can also stay in Vonnes, enabling you to enjoy a tranquil spot just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of the village!
For tranquillity and incredible mountain views, opt for the village's residential areas.
Picture yourself around a open fireplace in your holiday chalet or enjoying a delicious fondue with friends, along with stunning views of Châtel and the Abondance Valley. This type of scenario can be found in the areas situated up above the village - Petit Châtel, Boude and Vonnes. Here you can stay in high-end apartment residences or detached chalets that are away from the centre and therefore quieter. You still have access to the ski slopes by taking the village's shuttle bus.