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Unique experience in both French and Swiss Alps

Comfortably positioned in a harness, you fly along a cable in complete safety at almost 100km/h above the hamlet of Plaine-Dranse !
- Length of first cable : 1,200 m
- Length of second cable : 1,325 m
- Maximum height: 240 m

Summer 2020 Public Rates :

Single Flight : 36€
Duet Flight :    72€


Open everyday from the 27th of June to the 6th of September 2020 and the 3 last weekend of September !
No booking for flight time posssible - show yourself from 12am !
Activity open to anyone weighing between 35 and 120 kg, reached by chairlift from Pré-la-Joux
Duet Flight: the lightest participant has to weigh at least 35kg, maxium weigh of 150kg with a maxium of 40kg of difference between the two participants
  •  Fantasticable in summer © Lambert Meyer